Fall Protection Safety at Workplace

Every year thousands of people are injured due to falling from heights because they do not follow height safety rules or they do not have proper training about fall protection. Hence, falls are considered as the biggest safety hazard for construction workers on most sites, particularly those that require work on extremely elevated heights, such as bridge construction.

Before starting any types of height work, you should attend construction safety meeting that is attended by safety in charges within your company or plant, construction workers and labors. Constructions are very dangerous; hence, everyone should have proper information about working at height. A professional worker is able to control any worst condition.

At workplace, workers need to take extra precautions not only to increase work capacity but also to make sure that no one is hurt in the process. There are several things, which should be cared during the work or before starting the work. The major tips are as follows:

1. Safety against fall: Safety against fall is the major concern before starting any project. At every construction project, you need to work on extreme height; hence, safety precautions should be taken. You also should have information about fall protection equipment like fall arrest harness, freestanding handrail, guard rails, roof anchor systems, ladder safety devices, helmets, safety nets, hooks, ropes, and torches. The workers should have information about uses of safety equipments.

2. Safety with machineries: Heavy machineries are used during construction work. The workers should have knowledge about operating these machineries. They should know about stopping of the machine in the event it causes harm to a human being, say like electrocution, pulling in clothes or hair, running too fast or running too slow, etc. if the workers do not have information about operating the machine, they should be trained before starting the project.

3. Safety against fire: Accidents with fire also may occur at workplaces. The workers should have knowledge about how to control fire if any accidents occur due to fire. They should have knowledge about fire-retardant clothes, fire extinguishers, overhead automatic water sprinklers and so on.

4. Knowledge of First aid: The workers also have knowledge about first aid if fall occurs at the work place. The primary first aid medication will be useful for wounded workers if it is given on time.

To ensure safety at any workplace, it is necessary to provide proper work at height training to each & every worker. A proper training will not only be able to protect life of workers but also it increases working capacity.

fall arrest harness is a major height safety equipment which is generally used for working at height. To get more information about height safety equipments visit our website.