Practice Management Changes When Implementing ePrescriptions

Physician offices using electronic prescriptions or ePrescriptions report numerous advantages over traditional methods of medication management. The transition to an ePrescription system doesn’t have to be difficult and only a few changes to practice management tasks will be necessary to get the new system up and running.

Assessment – The first part of practice management to be affected is the doctor’s decision making process. Since ePrescription systems are implemented as part of a larger electronic medical records (EMR) suite, the physician has more information available regarding a patient’s history, diagnoses, medical tests, allergies and other current prescriptions. The wealth of information allows physicians to decide on the optimal medication for the patient and minimized the risk of dangerous drug-drug or drug-disease interactions.

Prescription – The most obvious change to practice management doctors will see when implementing ePrescriptions is the medication order itself. Rather than writing the information on a prescription pad, the prescription will be entered into the computer. In addition to the information above, the physician has access to the patient’s drug formulary list so can be sure to prescribe a medication covered by insurance. Many ePrescription applications give access to medication references in case the doctor needs to double check dosages or other supplementary information. The prescription process includes the system’s own checks against patient allergies and drug interactions, providing an extra layer of protection to ensure patient safety.

Transmission to Pharmacy – Once entered in the system the prescription can be printed and given to the patient as with traditional prescription methods. The order can also be faxed directly from the ePrescription system or sent electronically if the pharmacy has that capability. Orders can be transmitted on online pharmacies if the patient desires.

Prescription Fulfillment – Regardless of transmission method, the pharmacy receives a clear medication order with none of the ambiguity or potential for misinterpretation that goes with handwritten prescriptions. The checks built in to the ePrescription system answer many of the questions a pharmacy might have, greatly reducing the number of phone calls to the physician’s office for clarification.

Renewal – Handling prescription renewals is a huge part of practice management and many staff hours are spent handling phone calls from pharmacies. The renewal process is faster with an electronic system. On some systems renewals can be sent and approved electronically, a process much faster than placing phone calls. Office staff has immediate access to the patient’s full medical history and can approve a prescription renewal in a fraction of the time it would take with paper records.

As with any new technology there is a learning curve when implementing ePrescriptions, but it is generally a short one. The electronic system will be more efficient than manual systems of prescription as well as improving patient safety.

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Mercedes Air Suspension Parts From Strutmasters!

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Implement Global Food Safety Standards and Enlarge Efficiency

Leading provider of exactitude instruments and services is partnering with British Retail Consortium (BRC) to gift a joint webinar entitled “Adopting BRC Global Standards & Increasing Productivity.”

With shopper considerations on one facet and increasing regulative necessities on the opposite, food processors will notice themselves caught during a net of media attention that saps worker morale and marshals got resources. Documenting producing processes underneath uniform standards like BRC, IFS, ISO 22000 and SQF2000 will facilitate place company focus back wherever it belongs-on production-by creating processes as clear and safe as doable.

This co-hosted webinar addresses BRC Global Standards fundamentals and customary certification obstacles. Participants will discover however will support certification efforts with increased materials traceability, hygienically instrumentation style, quality knowledge management, improve foreign body detection, and exacting instrumentation calibration-all of that target increased productivity and profit.

BRC food system covers a comprehensive scope of product safety areas, as well as the legal and due diligence responsibilities of both the supplier and the retailer. The key requirements of the BRC standard adoption and implementation of a HACCP system, effective quality management system and factory environmental standards, processes and products and establishing process monitoring and verification system to control hazards by scientific approach. By implementing brc safety management system, any organization gets brc certification or registration for its safety management system by an external certifying body for conformity to brc standard.

The BRC’s Senior Technical selling authority serving each North and South America. The BRC is that the initial world food safety commonplace to be benchmarked to GFSI necessities. His role at the BRC includes active engagement with key food trade stakeholders to confirm consistent implementation maintaining the organization’s high standards. John has over twenty years’ technical management expertise within the food trade, as well as management positions with food certification programs, Kraft, Ecolab and ConAgra.

The North yanks Market Manager with industrial division. He’s liable for bench and moveable deliberation merchandise. Eric has fifteen years expertise with additionally to previous broad-based deliberation trade expertise. In his current role Eric brings solutions to food producers and blue chip food corporations. He conjointly works with food safety and standards organizations just like the BRC to teach trade constituents relating to food safety and standards problems.

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) is that the lead trade association representing the complete varies of outlets, from the big multiples and shops through to independents, marketing a large choice of merchandise through centre of city, out of city, rural and virtual stores. The BRC is that the authoritative voice of retail, recognized for its powerful political campaign and influence among government and as a supplier of fantastic retail data.

BCR Global Standard in the area BRC Manual for food safety standard. BRC food safety procedures and formats provided in document kit can help in fine-tuning the processes and establish better control.

7 Key Principles of HACCP Food Safety Standard

Do you recognize what an HACCP food safety standard guideline is all about? The letters symbolize Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) and it’s applicable in locations like hospitals, schools, restaurants, and also the food business normally to stay the food being served as safe as hygienic.

While there are several standards, and sometimes it differs looking on your location, once it involves HACCP, your needed food safety management system is augmented or reaches a replacement level. It’s implemented the globe over however additional primarily by the U.S through its Food and Drug Administration, its Department of Agriculture, and conjointly by the house agency NASA. The latter makes use of HACCP to create positive that their astronauts are given solely extremely alimental and safe foods to assist in maintaining their sensible soundness. Therefore if it’s sensible for the astronauts then it should even be sensible for the remainder of the population.

Principles of HACCP Standard

There are seven main principles being followed with the HACCP food safety standard. The most plans behind these principles are to avoid any probabilities of food contamination the maximum amount as doable. It’s so stressed that interference is additional vital than post detection as a result of with the latter the matter has already happened.

1.The analyses for potential hazards are known together with the steps required to manage them. There are many varieties of hazards, it is physical sort of a speck of dirt or a chunk of broken glass or it is chemical like a poison.

2.Determine the important points throughout the food production and deliver. This includes from the shipping of the raw materials to the full change of state method and up to the purpose wherever the food is being served to the patron. Once more any potential hazard is known throughout these steps.

3.Identify the standards to confirm that the food is handled ideally. An honest example for this can be in setting the proper change of state temperature for red meats to create positive bacterium and different microorganisms are killed throughout the change of state method.

4.Establish the steps necessary to confirm the important limits of food preparation are being met. This could embrace the better length of your time to cook any food, once more to create positive that it’s safe to be ingested.

5.Determine what actions to be taken ought to the important limits aren’t maintained or followed. An honest example for this can be the disposal of the food item rather than attempting to avoid wasting it from being ruined.

6.It is conjointly vital confirm to ascertain a system which will determine that the full review method is functioning absolutely. This may be as straightforward as deciding that the change of state unit is functioning fine.

7.Come up with a good record keeping system to properly monitor the full HACCP standard. Everything ought to be documented there from all the hazards that are known to the recommendations necessary for the correct operating of the room or of the food process system.

ISO 22000 consultant offer what is ISO 22000, FAMI-QS, ISO 22000 Certification, BRC food safety standard certification and food safety system documents consultancy services. HACCP Plan is globally recognized food safety standards for food organization.

Safety In The Oil Industry

Copyright (c) 2013 Morgan D

Businesses in all fields work hard to attain success at the end. The method of management applied in an organization matters a lot. Organizations’ performance is also determined by the capabilities of the management in areas such as disaster response and decision making skills. From the case of Piper Alpha, safety comes out as the critical issue. Safety refers to the level of comfort at a place with reference to the hazards surrounding it. All what occurred at the Piper Alpha revolve around safety, safety measures, safety precautions, safety planning, safety preparedness and response.

The Piper Alpha case focuses mainly on the causes of the infamous disaster, its progress, the response which occurred and the decision making process which took place. The case also reveals the weaknesses and strengths to ensure safety of property as well as people during the disaster. Safety and its elements are brought about as the critical issue in this case by the fact that the cause of the disaster was a breakdown in a safety procedure. The initial cause of the disaster was the removal and failure to fix a safety pump by the dayshift employees. The disaster would not have happened if the safety pump would not have been removed or if the safety pump would have been fixed before the shift handover.

Had there been proper safety awareness and seriousness, proper communication would have been done between the shift employees and avoid the occurrence of the disaster. This is because communication happens to be a key element in safety planning. Had the dayshift employees communicated the state of the safety pump to the night shift employees, the disaster would have been prevented. The Piper Alpha disaster would not have happened had there been a system safety inspection before the shift handover. System safety inspection seems to have failed to take place at the Piper Alpha which supports safety as a critical issue in this case. The fact that nobody realised that there was an anomaly with regard to the safety pump emphasises it. In places where proper safety arrangement is done, arrangements are done that someone has to go round checking and inspecting the state of systems to avoid breakdowns and disasters such as the Piper Alpha case.

Safety advocates for proper systems maintenance in all fields including the oil industry in which the Piper Alpha is a player. This makes safety a critical issue in this case because had there been proper maintenance, the disaster would have been prevented. From the Piper Alpha case, it is evident that there was a maintenance task on the two pumps which was not intensive. The maintenance focused only on parts and areas which were not in order. Maintenance personnel, by being a very important aspect of safety, should always fix what is not in order and also go through all system parts for preventive measures . Carrying a thorough maintenance routine ensures that all areas with possible weaknesses are identified and corrected. It is evident that if a complete and intensive maintenance process would have been done, then the disaster would not have happened.

Safety advocates for proper and creative designs always. Safety as the critical issue in the case of Piper Alpha is emphasized by the fact that the design never allowed better options of preventing and dealing with such disasters. This is explained by the way the installations were connected to one another. For example the Piper Alpha was linked directly with the Claymore installation and the Tharos installation, something which would have been done otherwise had there been a safety conscious design . From the case study, the fire was hard to control due to pressure from one of the offshore production base, The Claymore, which was on with processing during the disaster. It is necessary to create more safety levels, this is done by coming up with designs which are indirect to the main installations. Safety conscious designs factor in aspects such as automatic cut-off which would have greatly assisted in reducing the damage and risk at the Piper Alpha disaster.

The oil industry is highly impacted by safety. Safety usually exhibits positive impacts on the oil industry. These positive impacts are usually through ensuring that the losses, disasters and risks are reduced the industry’s operations. The oil industry being quite volatile due to the products involved requires safety very much. One of the impacts of safety on the oil industry is that it prevents and reduces losses in the oil industry. When proper safety planning is done, instances of disasters in the oil industry reduce. With losses being prevented and reduced, the oil industry players gain from their operations hence leading to a general oil industry growth. The growth will be mostly due to the fact that money which would have been lost in the absence of safety is ploughed back in the industry.

Safety presence in the oil industry encourages investors- Most investors usually shy away from the oil industry due tom the disasters and losses associated with the industry. Lack of safety in the oil industry can be a cause for instance losses, something which investors are usually afraid of. This makes safety in the oil industry crucial, and its presence gives interested investors confidence. Safety assurance leads to increased business in the oil industry and therefore investors keep on involving themselves with the oil industry.

Another impact of safety in the oil industry is that it creates harmony in the society. Generally people are usually afraid of the oil operations due to disasters and environmental hazards associated with it. When safety is integrated in the oil industry, people feel secure and therefore embrace the industry. People are able to accept industry oil installations since they do not feel any threat being posed to them and their environment. The safety assurance eventually leads to growth of the oil industry . This will also create an aspect of social awareness and responsibility. In all businesses, there are critical issues which determine the businesses processes such as decision making and the nature of business management. Safety as a critical issue has very many ways in which it integrates the nature of business management.

Safety is usually very instrumental in the management’s long term decision making process. In business management, decisions are made depending on several factors such as the business environment. Safety creates certainty in the business environment and therefore the management is able to make long term decisions since the future is reasonably known. This is because all risks associated with safety issues are properly taken care of through proper safety planning and management. Managers are meant to be in the forefront in making milestone decisions. With Safety, the management of business is likely to be long term investments minded. This is because of the presence of certainty. With certainty, the industry players are able to make long term investments. This is because all the risks are properly watched through the safety measures put in place. Infrastructural as well as other capital investments are usually put in place since confidence levels in the industry are high .

The nature of business management is usually influenced by safety through the form of business vision focus. A company’s focus may take several forms of vision such as continuous customer satisfaction among others. For example in an oil industry, a company main plan that their main quality of focus is customer satisfaction through continuous supply; but this will not be possible unless safety measures are taken to ensure that production is continuous and a certain level of surplus can be kept. Surplus is not possible where safety is not assured since there will be fear of loss. Furthermore in instances of uncertainty, then production will be affected hence the customer ends up unsatisfied . With safety assurance planning for customer satisfaction will be done from start to the point at which the product is delivered for consumption. This factor will also influence creativity and also high end innovation efforts. Due to safety, the nature of business management is likely to rely on projections since it is made possible.Projections and Budgets make business management easier because they result to good measure of performance and progress. .

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