Insure Safety and Service with Third Party Inspection

For any organization or company to be successful it has to have an efficient and technically sound staff. In the organizational pyramid there are always certain periodical courses, programs and trainings that are undertake for the improvement and efficiency of the organization’s employees. Well trained and experienced employees are and asset to any company, especially if it is a manufacturing. In a manufacturing company technically sound staff drastically adds to its progress and good will. Such employees not only add in to the organizations progress but also improve their own work quality. Some companies understand the need of training and have a separate section which undertakes the task or training. But not all organizations have a fully equipped in-house trainings service. Thus in such cases there are various training providing companies that exceed a helping hand. These training companies cater to various tanning needs which differ from organizations to sectors. Such training services and programs increase the work quality and also add to a successful organization.

Such training providing companies feature programs in the field of Food Sector, First Aid, Fire Safety and Health and Safety. They strictly comply with the obligatory legislations and the concerned company’s policies. These training organizations consist of a training management system that uses various adult learning principles for its presentation and development of the training programs that it offers. Courses such as IMS Courses Profile, quality-system-courses, Misc Courses Profile, SA 8000 Courses Profile, Environmental System Courses Profile and Safety System Courses Profile are offered. Training under such companies feature highly competent and experienced trainers, effective teaching and training methodology, excellent design of the courses and training programs. They also understand the organization’s needs and make efforts to exceed expectations. Also a wide range of courses are offered in fields of Environment, Quality, Health and Safety.

Such training service providing companies also provide with services such as quality auditing services, expediting services, professional services and technical services. Inspection Services is one such service that features various training programs for different sectors.

In an ideal situation there consists of a team of highly experienced inspectors and engineers who conduct design various reviews and inspections. Such qualified inspectors and efficient staff are dedicated to meeting various customer requirements related to product verification. They also cater to Witness Inspection and Third Party Inspection as per customer requirements and specifications.

These inspection services include Witness Inspections, CE Marking, Product Inspection & Verification and Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) Certification. There are certain characteristic of these services that include Customer Service, Timeliness, Professionalism and Reliability.

This service also includes a Third Party Inspection, Verification and Review which are Material Inspection & Test Reports, Hydrostatic and Performance Tests, Welding Operations, Mechanical Tests, Factory Acceptance Tests, Plating, Painting and other Coatings, NDE and Visual Examinations, Sample Plan, Rotating/Reciprocating Equipment, Test and Inspection Plan, Pressure Vessels, Package Boiler, Heat Treatment, Marking and Identification, Piping, Pipe Fabrications and Testing, Packing & Shipment and Electrical & Instrumentation.

These services can also be tailored to meet some specific requirements of the customers.

About AQSS-USA: Abacus Quality System Services (AQSS) and Abacus Quality Training Services Inc (AQTS) are well known and respected training providing companies. Bases in US they offer highly professional training services for various sectors that include health, quality, environment and safety management. Learn more at

Abacus Quality System Services (AQSS) and Abacus Quality Training Services Inc (AQTS) are well known and respected training providing companies. Learn more at Witness Inspection & Third Party Inspection